Tullamore 2008

Another fine week was had by all at Tullamore, this year. Ably led by Sonja, who devised some interesting competitions, The Sandpipers enjoyed a pleasurable mixture of success and failure on four superb courses at Tullamore, Mullingar, Athlone and Esker Hills, with a send-off each day from our resident poets, one of whom was shocked to find that he had entered the world of classical literature with his blank verse, iambic pentametric offering.

For those who found some of the courses too testing, it should be noted that carrying a white flag in your bag does not constitute an infringement of the 14 club rule - I should certainly have had one at Mullingar!

It was a pleasure to see an old face back in the fold, though The Prisoner has now forsaken hjs trusty six iron for a driver. It was also surprising to find Bunter with a Wok, and a lady's one at that. He assures me that he didn't get it from the Bebington Takeaway and that he has a smaller one than most golfers. Nuff said!

Congratulations to all the competition winners, especially to The Stretcher (Arnie), who'd never won anything at golf before Tullamore, and to Cantilever who almost won everything.