Another great Sandpipers' week! Trim Castle Hotel was a comfortable base with excellent courses nearby.

Royal Tara provided the venue for a singles bogey competition - a bit too ruthless in nature for the first day but something different - won by Clint, who finally gets his name on a trophy nearly as ancient as the claret jug.

The Pontiff's failure at the first fence at County Meath denied Lawrence a chance to win the pairs comp. The Judge and TCS came out on top at this superbly kept course. The Pontiff has vowed never to let wine touch his lips again and will be on the lookout for some spare ribs.

Headfort Old was a widely praised course but, for a touch of luxury, Knightsbrook would be hard to beat. With fast, hard greens and well-drained fairways, this provided a good test of golf. Barnes-Wallis would have enjoyed some of the tee shots over ponds, especially on the eighteenth. The Ancients v Moderns Ryder Cup was comfortably won by the oldsters, led with iron discipline by the Cunning Linguist. Many of the babies failed to make the first tee on time, after a nght on the town but all matches managed to go ahead. A unique awarding of the orange jersey went to Specsavers for the shortest throw off the tee, when he failed to connect with his driver.