Sunny skies greeted The Sandpipers at Drogheda, this year.

The courses at Knightsbrook, Seapoint, Laytown and Bettystown and Greenore provided some great tests of golf for the whole gamut of handicaps within our ranks.

The squire of Woolton, a Mr F. Shotter (Judge Dread), was severely hampered by his new clubs, which appeared to have had snakes incoporated into the shafts. His Pings seldom "pinged" but he seemed to be accompanied by a loud hissing sound wherever he went. Perhaps his Pings were really Cobras!

New member, H. "Jaffa" Milroy, set a new record for first tee "duffs", with an average drive of about 20 yards from the first tee over the first three days. His disgraceful attempts to hide the "W ANCHOR" sign were thwarted by the warm weather forcing him to remove his pullover on all three days of his reign. An accidental forward duff of 180 yards saved his face on the final day.



More to follow soon with some photos.

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