The sandpipers

We are a group of teachers and friends from Liverpool, England, who are crazy about the beautiful game of golf. The soubriquet, Sandpipers, was given to certain members, who, on our Scarborough trip, in 2001, became so excited by the childhood memories evoked by the sight of the sea from Scarborough South Cliff, that they decided to visit every bunker on the course. Rumour has it that, on our trip to Ireland, in 2002, they'll carry buckets and spades instead of sand wedges.

The Pontiff, Chucker, Clint, The Prisoner, Mr Sainsbury, Lawrence, Sinbad and Bunter are the assumed names of the original members. If you can guess why they were baptised with these nicknames, leave your suggestions on our message board (Sinbad is so called because he has an affinity for hitting patios).